A Healthy Mentality

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Working out and eating healthy should be something we factor into our daily routine.

But that monthly membership fee is a constant reminder of what we should be doing. So plan ahead, set a schedule for when you are likely to go and stick to it! 

Having a healthy mindset means you’re halfway there.

I recommend during the colder seasons, you can also incorporate workouts like squats and planks during downtime at work and home. They don’t require any fitness equipment, this way if you really can’t make it to the gym or attend that yoga class, you won’t feel as discouraged.

Over the Holiday Season we tend to indulge in a lot more carbs, the only resolution is portion control. If you have to attend a number of family dinners, work events and dinner parties with friends, be mindful of what you are eating. You have to be working out regularly to burn off what you consume. 

Eat the way you would during spring/summer, balance and moderation is key!

Nobody is saying during the holidays, you can’t have a delicious slice of pie but don’t devour the whole thing. If you’re going to attend a few parties in one day, breakup your evening meal.

Having appetisers at the first soiree, then your main meal at the next location and then end with a dessert at your final destination for the night. Smaller portions paired with a Heineken 0.0, wine or champagne is a healthy balance. This way you can try everything without looking and feeling bloated.

What you put into your body has a huge impact on your fitness ability and the realistic results you can achieve.

When your mind is set to thinking, why not just enjoy the things I should be eating, instead of concentrating on the things I can’t eat, it will eventually become much easier and your natural response will change and reduce your desire for unhealthy food and drinks.

Making simple daily choices that turn into good habits, allows you the control over what you will achieve in life by never thinking that your goals are unattainable.

As the new year approaches, set personal targets that you will follow, be resilient, learn from your mistakes and find joy in a healthier lifestyle. Happy Holidays Everyone!


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