What is Love?

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Do you believe in love? Is the word given too much power? Society dictates a certain standard of what love and romance should be but is that actually obtainable?

The fact is you cannot find love, until you are ready to believe in it and accept it. Mentally you maybe blocking yourself from love.

You have to love yourself first before you can truly invest in a relationship. You have to learn to heal before you share your spirit and energy with another.

When you have learnt what you want out of life, you can then visualise what you are looking for in a partner. You must not project your high expectations on to someone else because this inevitably will cause tension and lead to separation. You have to find a partner with similar life expectations. If you are on the same page from the very beginning regarding majors decisions, then you most likely will go the distance. But this also doesn’t guarantee a partner from changing and growing apart from you and your original plans.

Sometimes life takes you down a different path than you anticipated.

So the importance of self-love is a human necessity, with this tool you can get through anything. You can learn to overcome things, much more easily when you’re not fighting against yourself.

Being alone; doesn’t mean being lonely. You have to learn that your own company or having a few close people around you, should be highly valued.

You must not look for a partner to fill that gap, you will then become too dependant on them and if things don’t work out, the vicious cycle continues.

Finding love during a pandemic, is currently only virtually but this makes things a lot harder to find a genuine person you can take seriously and would want to date in the real world.

Online dating apps and interacting with potential mates via social media; hence the phrase “sliding into your DMs” has now become the “new normal”.

But will life readjust again when lockdown and restrictions are lifted? Will meeting someone randomly in real life become a thing of the past? Quite possibly, if humans don’t interact with each other outside of the virtual world.

When things eventually get back to “normal” find new hobbies and interests. Make the most of what life has to offer.

And maintain your self-care routine, it is very important for your mental and physical health.

Fear of settling is a very common human emotion and I believe one of the main reasons; as to why there are so many single people.

Also the fear of being alone can push someone to make the wrong decision(s). No person will ever be perfect but you cannot settle for someone you don’t truly love.

You have to know in your heart and soul that the person you are with; is right for you. Otherwise that doubt won’t ever leave you and will be in the back of your mind for as long as you stay together.

What happens when you find love?

Understanding the tools you need to maintain the love you have longed for, can be just as hard as finding it. Keeping the spark alive, otherwise the sex and conversation will become dull.

Embracing random passionate moments, enjoying the intimacy you have with each other. Talk about desires and how you can satisfy those desires. Being open-minded and experimental can maintain a healthy relationship.

Effort is key to longevity, if either partner or both stop caring to make those small gestures of love, you will begin to see cracks in the foundation. Love isn’t the only thing that will make a relationship work but if that is solidified, then other life challenges won’t seem so catastrophic.

Knowing when you are going to embark on those life-changing decisions, like marriage, children and home location if that is what you both want, should always be discussed. Never assume the other person will just go along with whatever you decide. You are a team, it is a partnership and you want to avoid any resentment or possibly losing the love of your life.

Embrace each day and remember love starts with you.

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