The World in 2021

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Now we have managed to escape the catastrophe that was 2020, what now?

We are survivors of a major historical event, but we have no clue what 2021 has in store for us all.

Could it get even worse, before it gets better?

I think the overall public opinion; is the vaccine hasn’t been tried and tested long enough to be the solution to all our problems. Then setting a system in place to make it a requirement to travel and enter certain Countries, will make it more of an enforceable act and not really a choice.

I believe the vaccine is advertised like the solution to everything. But what about the lives already lost, what about the companies that have gone out of business and what about the people that have lost their jobs?

So much loss and so much pain, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Government make announcements; about future announcements to determine what the next steps will be. Then they go ahead and make hasty decisions, that impact our lives dramatically. So many promises have been made, so many questions have gone unanswered. Within the system there is a fundamental disconnect; with what is fact and what is fiction.

The solution shouldn’t be worse than the problem. The Tier system changes are a complete disaster, removing and then adding restrictions, make things very unclear to the public. We are currently living in a world of confusion and planning ahead is severely restricted.

The COVID-19 crisis has radically changed our lives forever.

So many individuals have been mentally affected and find it hard to adjust to living life during a pandemic.

Being forced to be away from loved ones, being restricted to travel. Primarily communicating via technology, this can be very hard and so many haven’t been able to adapt.

Human beings are social species. It is essential for us too socialise and to not live in isolation. It can cause major issues to your health and overall happiness.

Under other conditions being forced into quarantine with a partner, friend(s) or family member(s), can also put a heavy strain on your relationship(s) and can cause tension.

So take control of your life, maintaining a healthy balance is crucial.

By doing your best to focus on your overall health, using your common sense in situations to distance and avoid contact with individuals that could be infected. It is important that you sustain a healthy immune system, which can prevent you from contracting the virus.

Take the time to workout, go outside for fresh air regularly and eat a balanced diet. Communicate with loved ones or a professional Therapist about any issues or concerns you are having. This will help your mind, body and soul get through this crisis.

You can usually treat mild Coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms at home. If your symptoms are more severe, you will need to seek professional medical care until you fully recover.

As a human race we are built to evolve and adapt quickly to situations to survive, we can only keep moving forward, with hope of resolution.

Stay hopeful everyone!

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The World in 2021

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