How to Blossom in Spring

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As the season changes, it’s only right we revamp our wardrobe and refresh our look.

As the season turns gradually into spring and the days get warmer, it’s only right we revamp our wardrobe and refresh our look. Adding a few new key pieces and styling them with items you already have, will make all the difference.

I am a true believer of mixing designer items with high street brands, it gives the overall look more character.

As a woman we have the added pressure to always be dressed in something new, to never rewear an item.

I think you can and you should.

Break the outfit up and pair the garments with different accessories and shoes. With the current pending Brexit situation hanging over our heads, we have to become smarter and invest in pieces we can wear now and in future seasons.

Knowing how to dress for the occasion is a key factor. I believe if you are slightly overdressed, it just allows you to feel more confident, look fabulous and you can capture the moment in a photo for memories #doingitforthegram

But if you are underdressed at a social gathering, you probably won’t stay as long or mingle as much. So selecting the right outfit will set the tone, so choose wisely but have fun with it.

A stylish maxi dress with a split can be worn to any occasion, the elegant length and free flowing material makes it extremely comfortable. You can adapt the look according to the weather, keeping in mind when the sun goes down it becomes colder, so adding layers to your ensemble will be essential.

A classic denim jacket can dress down the look for brunch and adding a trendy leather jacket will spice it up for the evening.

A ballet flat, a patterned mule, a chelsea boot or a retro-looking trainer is the best footwear selection to go perfectly with a maxi dress.

Rocking a slogan t-shirt that shouts a positive statement is an essential item to add to your wardrobe collection.

The #MeToo #TimesUp movement is empowering Women all over the world, to stand-up for what’s right. It creates awareness to a great cause and motivates people to open up a real discussion about equality and respect for all women.

Women’s Day has now become Women’s month, things are gradually changing and history is being made.

Expressing it through Fashion has become an incredible way to show your support and voice your true opinions.

This printed t-shirt from Stradivarius would make a great smart-casual look, paired with a midi wrap or pleated skirt, a denim mini skirt or low rise jeans.

Whatever you pair your graphic tee with, just wear with pride. Remember if you see something that is not right, say something, change is now!

If you are thinking about changing your hair colour and style this season, I would recommend the popular balayage colour technique that gives a really blended natural look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines. Nothing says spring more than beautiful waves and loose curls. I would recommend Live True London Salon they specialise in a variety of hair techniques and have a number of  glamorous salon locations around London.

To recreate this look, use 100% Human Hair – 20 inches, colour 1, Remy Couture triple weft extensions by Sleek Hair. The luscious long hair extensions, create more volume and was applied by using the LA weave technique.

Fashion is about what works best for you, it does take time to find your individual style, speaking from personal experience but eventually it becomes easier. You begin to learn what size you are in each brand, as we all know the sizes vary.

The colours for this spring/summer 2019 are; terrarium green, orange-red, coral with a golden undertone, jester-red, turmeric orange, yellow-green mix, bold fuchsia pink, sunny gold, royal blue, toffee brown, mango yellow and candy pink.

If you have any of these colours currently in your wardrobe, you are already on trend.

In spring you can mix different patterns, texture and tones. Adding fun accessories, like a statement necklace, a cute belt and a detailed clutch can take an outfit to the next level.

Spring is not just about floral print, that can become quite boring.

Seize every moment to show your individual style and make a positive statement this spring 2019.


Photo Credit William Paterson 

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