Protect your Well-being

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Mental Health has been a consistent topic during this current Covid-19 crisis. People are truly searching for the best way to be able to cope with their stress and anxiety. Finding inner peace from exercising and meditation. Learning how to deal with things differently; is basically survival mode.

Finding your motivation, by breaking that sluggish feeling can be challenging at times. Using your time wisely but not over doing it. We must all find a balance in life or we can simple burn out.

Do not let social media cause you anxiety, don’t feel like you must compete with anyone, especially during a pandemic.

You must not feel obligated in anyway to share every single bit of your life. Share what you feel comfortable with. Remember not everyone has good intensions and will share joy in your accomplishments, so protect your well-being.

What you see online, is just a snippet of someones life, be grateful for who you are. Never desire to be anybody, other than yourself.


Timing is everything and pursuing your dreams and goals in life, can make you become vulnerable to criticism. You have to be mentally prepared for what may come your way.

So with that being said; don’t let the dark times, overshadow the good that you have achieved. Humans can be very self-deprecating and you have to remember in those tough moments to have faith.

Better days will come.

Motivational quotes are not only cute to share online but can be helpful in your daily routine. It can lift your spirits, pushing your mind to think of positive thoughts and this will create good energy.

Every single person on this Earth goes through these mixed emotions, you have to remember that this isn’t only happening to you.

People struggle in many different ways for e.g. recovering from failures, achieving success, maintaining success. Feeling fulfilled, feeling equal, finding love, staying in love and so many more emotions.

Happiness comes in many forms, you have to find your true joy.

Recognise when you need help, speaking to a Therapist or someone you trust is important.

Having someone to talk to for advice; that you can implement into your daily routine, will help you massively. Asking for help isn’t failure, by doing this you’re not allowing those negative feelings to win.

Talking things through can help you heal and find solutions to your problems.

Avoid picking up unhealthy habits for e.g. maintaining a healthy sleep schedule will allow you to be able to readjust into the new world, after lockdown comes to an end.

Never underestimate the power of fresh air, nature and water.

It’s as if we are flowers growing amongst the weeds of life and we can either blossom or wilt, our fate depends on the mood we create for ourselves.

The journey of life will continue and with that more of the unexpected. We must all be prepared for this. Doing our best in unforeseen circumstances; is all we can do. By staying hopeful you are able to find a solution that satisfies you and your anxiety.

Concentrate on what makes you happy, this will make a real difference in your life choices.

At the end of each day, think of 1 thing that made you smile and use that positive energy to replace any negative thoughts.

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