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What is Love?

Do you believe in love? Is the word given too much power? Society dictates a certain standard of what love and romance should be but is that actually obtainable?

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Protect your Well-being

You must not feel obligated in anyway to share every single bit of your life on social media. Share what you feel comfortable with. Your Mental Health is your priority.

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The World in 2021

The solution shouldn’t be worse than the problem. We are currently living in a world of confusion and planning ahead is severely restricted.

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The Reality of Reality TV

For the sake of our future generation, I must say something now. The lack of diversity must be addressed.

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Teeth are always in Style

My front teeth overlapped, ever so slightly and you could only see it at certain angles. Over the years I became so aware of my angles, I would direct myself in positions to make sure that the small flaw in my front teeth was not seen.

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A New York State of Mind

New York City has a special place in my heart, I spent almost a decade of my life living in Manhattan and it’s a place I call my home away from home.

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There is Beauty in Simplicity

The Beauty industry is worth billions, makeup, hair products and beauty treatments.

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