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Getting Lost in Paradise…

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My island adventure.

I decided to end this Summer with a trip to Mykonos in Greece. My soul yearns for adventure, I challenge myself in life and feel traveling allows me to broaden my mind and to satisfy my desire to learn more about the world outside of my bubble.

Mykonos is a fun, open-minded, free spirited island with great music and a wide selection of fresh seafood. You can find yourself stumbling upon a piece of paradise without even knowing it.

I took a short BA flight from London City Airport to Mykonos Airport, leaving the plane I felt the sunshine on my face and the sea breeze in my hair, the slight happy buzz from the Champagne I drank during the flight, I was feeling extremely excited of what was to come.

I collected my luggage and was immediately met at the exit by a Mykonos Grand Hotel representative with an adorable sign written with my name on it, welcoming me to Mykonos Island.

The luxury air-conditioned vehicle provided by the hotel was filled with cold water bottles and hand towels with lemon fragrance. Attention to detail makes a very good impression in my opinion. 

Arriving at Mykonos Grand Hotel the landscape was filled with beautiful exotic plants and Palm Trees.

Walking into the VIP Reception area with the immaculate fresh white and blue décor, I was greeted with a glass of Champagne, shown a brochure of what fun activities are available on the island and then taken on a tour of the hotel.

The reception area lead into the Hotel Bar, a fine jewellery shop, gift shop and an outdoor patio you could enjoy live! music and fabulous cocktails.

A relaxing cosy lounge area, graced almost every corner of the hotel. With a perfectly placed glass bowl right in the centre, filled with delicious Greek candy that I couldn’t resist each time I walked by.

The tour ended and I entered the magnificent sea-view suite, with Greek marble throughout and an elegant bath tub perfectly placed as the centrepiece of the room and a luxurious steam room with a rain shower, for the perfect wow factor. A bottle of Champagne and traditional Greek chocolates with a welcome note to officially start the holiday off in style. The comfortable indoor seating area, that followed onto the private balcony with sun lounges was a beautiful feature.

The 5* hotel restaurant had a delightful Menu of fresh seafood, sautéed vegetables, a wide selection of salads and a variety of dips with greek bread and pasta dishes. Which of course you would hope and expect when dining at an authentic greek restaurant.

The view from the candle lit dinner table overlooked the hotel pool and sea-view. The hotel staff are so attentive, helpful and accommodating.

The food was served family style

Which is my favourite way of dining, it allows you to be able to taste each dish you’ve thought about ordering but can’t decide on just one, this is the perfect solution.

The Hotel arranged a private boat trip to travel around the island, which was a fantastic idea! I got the opportunity to see the famous landmarks, checkout the other 5* Star resorts and watch the sunset. 

The clear turquoise water was so stunning and I matched perfectly in my gorgeous Aruba Print Figleaves bikini, it is just so comfortable and the halter bikini top fit so well on my 32D bust, the small bikini bottoms with the side ties is exactly the style I like to wear. So I felt so carefree and danced to the music whilst sipping on yes, another glass of Champagne. I truly felt like I was #livingmybestlife very thankful and feeling blessed.  

The skipper then suggested to head over to a secluded island, located beyond the resorts and entertainment. 

Without hesitation, I seized the moment to do a wardrobe change, in another Figleaves swimsuit this one designed with a great feature, a zipper cleavage, I absolutely adore zippers on everything! So this swimsuit is not only practical when you have to jump off the yacht and swim to shore but also stylish when you get there.

It was time to end the secluded island adventure and swim back to the yacht to have something light to eat and then get freshened up for the party later on.

The crew put out a wonderful spread of hummus with homemade pita bread, a greek salad, roast chicken, an assorted platter of cooked meats, cheese and olives and a tropical fruit salad.

As the sunset approached the final stop, we will arrive James Bond style to the famous Scorpios Bar, you couldn’t have asked for a better entrance.

Watching the sunset on board the yacht was breathtaking and you could truly appreciate the beauty of the landscape and surroundings.

Docking at the final destination, as soon as my toes hit the sand I could feel the buzzing atmosphere.

The live music going, drinks flowing and the crowd of beautifully tanned, toned bodies with smiling faces.

Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves and making the most of the end of summer.

Waking up every morning to a spectacular view, throughout the hotel resort and a delicious champagne breakfast. Especially after going out the night before, was a true blessing. It certainly prepared me for the day ahead.

You were completely spoilt for choice

The Nutella waffles and omelette station were my favourite and of course adding a splash of orange juice to my bubbles to create the traditional mimosa was a lovely treat.


After breakfast I would often relax and chill out by the pool with a cocktail, the hotel has so many different lounging areas to choose from, that you could find yourself at a different location everyday during your stay.

One of the most memorable moments on the trip, was having the sea-view behind me, whilst I enjoyed a very relaxing Swedish Massage. I lay peacefully with the sound of the ocean waves splashing against the rocks, it was just magical. 

The sea-view from my private balcony, to the pool and jacuzzi at night, attention to detail and 5* Star customer service. Not forgetting to mention, you can also watch old movies screened at night, laying under the stars. I have been to Mykonos and other Greek islands in my teenage years and to return years later, it has become my favourite destination in Greece and one of my top 10 places to visit in the world.

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