The New Normal

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Casual and comfort has been the trend for SS20

After a very long time in quarantine, we have become less into the glamorous fashion we have come to love. Forgotten sequin dresses, high heeled shoes and evening jackets that haven’t seen the light of day for a while.

How do we get our motivation back?

As we slowly adjust back into society. We also have to adapt our fashion choices, incorporating face masks and potentially gloves into our daily routine; as must-have accessories. All whilst keeping in mind of social distancing.


At the very beginning of the virus outbreak, it completely shocked the world. So dressing up and wearing makeup was the last thing on our minds. Now it’s time to motivate ourselves from within and step back out into the world.

With hair and nail salons reopening, we can start to feel like ourselves again.

As much as we have learnt to do at home treatments, they are just not the same as a professional treatment. We have waited months not truly knowing when things will begin to become more stable.

The pandemic has taught us all; to truly appreciate the things we may have taken for granted in the past. As a nation we must continue to show love and support to one another #WEAREINTHISTOGETHER

Self care is very important, for us to function properly. This will help your body and mind by lifting your spirits in these difficult times. You have to remember to take time for you, that way you can be productive and focused.

Whilst we are all struggling to come to terms with things in the new world; a wonderful positive evolution developed bigger than ever before. ‘The Black Lives Matter Movement’ completely change the world. It opened many eyes to finally see the lack of diversity in the fashion and beauty industry. It pushed companies to acknowledge and to take accountability, we must not lose momentum and continue to force for change and equality for the sake of humanity.


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