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A great smile for me is like a perfect pair of shoes, that goes with everything. It is the first thing people notice and it makes you feel confident in any situation. I love to smile, it changes my whole face and it truly shows my happy spirit. Throughout my career, I have noticed in photographs that my smile may have been white but wasn’t as straight as it could be.

My front teeth overlapped, ever so slightly and you could only see it at certain angles. But for me even with the kind compliments, that it added character to my smile and looked naturally beautiful; which is the look I prefer, I still felt that with a small change it could help with my confidence.

Over the years I became so aware of my angles, I would direct myself in positions to make sure that the small flaw in my front teeth was not seen.

So I finally made the decision to go ahead with getting my teeth fixed. I began researching the options. I came across veneers, looking at the process of what they actually do to your real teeth; made me decide that this wasn’t the option for me. I felt that shaving my teeth down or simply just placing the veneers over my current teeth wouldn’t help at all. I liked the way my teeth looked, I just wanted them to be straight.

Then I came across Invisalign, invisible aligners that help straighten your teeth in a more natural way. Which I knew almost immediately this was the solution I had been looking for.  When you go through any procedure, you want the best treatment, a professional that can help guide you on your journey and someone you can trust to get the results you desire. Through mutual friends on Instagram I discovered Dr Mobasseri his previous clients amazing results, were enough for me to go ahead and book my consultation at 20 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1G 8GF and I was excited to begin my Invisalign Journey.

On the day of my consultation, Dr Mobasseri examined my teeth and showed me on the Invisalign Outcome Simulator how my teeth will look, I was so excited to get started. I think seeing the end results, make it feel so real. I was advised it would take an estimated 6 months to complete the process. I had to visit a dental office nearby to have a professional teeth x-ray and the results were submitted to the Wimpole Dental Office, that my teeth and gums were healthy to proceed with the Invisalign treatment.

The Invisalign aligners were going to be available for me to collect in a week. On my return I had to have my Invisalign attachments added to my teeth, which aren’t that visually noticeable and a necessary part of the Invisalign treatment. It enables the aligners, which sometimes cannot accomplish alignment changes on their own because of the size, shape, or angle of a specific tooth; applying the attachments will give that little extra force it needs to shift the teeth into their proper position.

To make sure the Invisalign treatment went well. I was advised to only remove my aligners whilst eating. It was necessary to brush my teeth after every meal and then put them back in.

I had to  change my aligners every week and a half, I would check-in with Dr Mobasseri if I had any questions and would update him on my progress. I had a few checkups throughout the process to make sure my attachments were ok and to get the next few packets of aligners in my treatment plan.

During my personal journey, I did have to make small adjustments with eating at appropriate places, that I could brush my teeth but in all honesty I thought about the end results and knew it was worth it.

Covid-19 hit whilst I was going through my Invisalign treatment and it did delay things slightly but Dr Mobasseri and the Team at Wimpole Dental Office were checking in with me to see how I was doing, advising me to extend the length of time on each aligner whilst in lockdown, to keep my progress on track.

For the final stages in my treatment, I had to have my Invisalign attachments removed and a control bar applied to both my top and bottom teeth. This will prevent the teeth from moving back to the original position.

I was given Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening gels to use at home to brighten my smile and New! Invisalign aligners to wear at night. The advice that I received from Dr Mobasseri was to apply the Teeth Whitening gel into the custom fit upper and lower whitening trays provided and not into my nightly Invisalign aligner. I had to do the whitening process for 1 hour per day, making sure I was not talking or drinking during the process; which causes fluids/liquids to wash away the gel and prevent it from brightening my smile.

Once my Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening gels had finished, I had my final checkup at Wimpole Dental Office.

I now have the straight teeth I’ve always wanted and I’m extremely happy with my results. As my teeth and gums settle into the new position, this will close any gaps caused from the previous teeth positioning.

My advice is, if you are wanting to get your teeth adjusted and are not sure as to what procedure to go for, speak to a professional Dentist. I highly recommend Dr Mobasseri, during your Free consultation he will go through what your next step should be, to create that amazing smile you have always wanted.

If you have healthy teeth but they just need to be straightened, why have them shaved down and covered up by adding veneers. Wearing invisible aligners is a much safer option and by repositioning your teeth, you create a better front and side profile.

For further information contact: 0207 380 1025 or visit receive a fantastic Exclusive Discount! on your treatment by mentioning this Article. Great packages and instalment plans available now!


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