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Women have a certain pressure to keep a youthful look in modern society.

Between the Anti-Aging Face Creams, the rejuvenating Face Masks and the vast variety of Non-Surgical Procedures available on the market, you now have a choice on how you “Age Gracefully”.

I feel as I have gotten older, I have become more aware of what clothing suits my body-frame, I follow an actual skin routine that works for me and I maintain a healthier balanced lifestyle. I think this comes with maturity, I no longer fall asleep in my makeup after a night out and now when I go to the gym, I actually do a real workout that targets the right areas.  

I am 5’ 8”/173cm and wear a size UK 8/U.S 0-2 and have a 34D bra size, which maybe seen as against the rules in the Fashion Industry but I have learnt over time to be comfortable in my own skin. This isn’t always easy when your job involves being criticised and picked apart on a regular basis, when you’re standing in your underwear in front of a team of people, who may or may not speak English. But you grow a strong back bone and a shield of power to fend off the negativity.

You learn as the years go on, you will come up against someone who adores you and everything you’re about and then you may meet someone who just doesn’t get you. My advice to that is, you should care less about what others think and live your best life.

The Dating Life

As a woman who has been married before and now I’m happily divorced. I don’t have the desire to rush down the aisle again, anytime soon. When you’ve stood in front of a judge with a lawyer by your side, pleading your case to grant you a Divorce, nothing can prepare you for that emotionally. But experiences like this in life, can only make you stronger. 

The wedding itself can takeover your mind and you can lose sight of what marriage really is.

When you actually get into the real life stuff, with your partner, you will then realise what it is going to take and this determines if you’re going to truly survive as a couple.

Are you on the same page?

Children aren’t something you can return with a gift receipt, so if you’re not ready for them, you should always have that conversation before you get married!

I believe maturity plays a huge factor, if someone told me at the time, I was too young to get married, I would have looked at them like they were insane. Now I look back, I say to myself… Wow was I crazy to think getting married, was a good idea?!

I believe if I ever got married again, it would just be the groom and I, with no pressure of having guests, selecting a venue, elaborate table settings or over priced food and wedding centrepieces.

Just a simple ceremony and one epic honeymoon adventure around the world, spending quality time together and making great memories… now that is a great start to a marriage.


I have always been told I look very young for my age, no-one can ever guess it correctly, which is a real blessing thanks to my genetics, shoutout to Mum and Dad thank you.

I think it’s actually thee most Googled searched sentence after my name, which is insane. I will never be defined by my age, I have always done things outside of the box. And will remain this way for the rest of my life. I have lived enough years to be wise enough to know what I want out of life and that’s all that matters to me.

So my best advice to everyone is, don’t let society dictate what you can or can’t do because of your Age, Ethnicity or Gender. You must always strive for greatness, don’t ever feel defeated and have faith in yourself. Believe you can achieve what you put your mind to and it will happen for you!


  • Photographer – Mark Albertsen

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