Eco-friendly packaging and a Free Gift with every purchase

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Every hair product is packaged in an eco-friendly, reusable silk bag that keeps the hair silky smooth. Maintaining the high quality of the luxury products but keeping in mind of the environmental footprint we contribute to.

Multiple large boxes and the over use of plastic non-reusable packaging is unnecessary, with so much more variety and options available today in current society, why not make the effort to change.

Sustainable Development

The sustainable movement to change products towards greater ecological integrity and make a truly eco-friendly product line; that keeps both environmental and the state of humanity in mind, is the only way forward.

We will do our best as a company to make eco-friendly choices by sustaining a conscious decision of what we create and produce for our online shop.

With the launch of the company, we currently are giving away a fabulous Free Gift – a pair of luxurious lashes with every purchase.

We also recommend you purchase the hair colour you need, as the products should not be chemically changed. Hair dye can ruin the luxurious texture and quality of the hair.

Constant heat to the wigs and hair extensions will also cause damage.

Hair Maintenance

To maintain the standard of the hair, is to handle it with care. It all depends on how well you take care of the product(s), for it to have longevity.

If you place the wigs and hair extensions back into the silk bag provided, this will help maintain the shape and style.

The better you treat the hair, the longer it will last.

Covid-19 has created a serious uncertainty to planning ahead for most things. But investing in yourself to look and feel good is always a great idea.

We plan to add more colour options to the hair extensions. Also adding various other styles and textures to the wig selection; throughout the year.

We promise to uphold the standard of high quality throughout. And we encourage you to share your feedback with us. Shopping online is the safest and efficient way to go for 2020.

Happy Shopping!


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