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Making a fashion statement.

I have personally witnessed women at social events, lying about the fact that they are wearing real fur, to avoid the ridicule. Wearing animal fur will continue to be a very controversial subject in society.

As the times change, it’s only logical to change with them. With manufacturers developing cost-effective versions of faux fur made from Polymeric Fibres to simulate genuine fur, it doesn’t make sense to invest in real fur in this modern-day.

When I was a baby my parents would dress me in real fur vests and coats. It was a moment in time when wearing fur wasn’t frowned upon and it was seen as a true fashion statement.

I remember as a young girl, I would watch my Mum getting dressed to go out with my Dad, she would always look so glamorous like a movie star. To complete her outfit she would often wear a luxurious long fur coat.

Those vintage fur coats have now been given to me by my Mother I treasure them as family heirlooms and remember the good memories they hold. 

As an animal lover, I have been fascinated by wildlife and nature for as long as I can remember. So wearing alternative versions that resemble the real thing just makes more sense to me now as an adult.

At 13 years old I made a personal choice to no longer eat red meat. My reasoning for doing so, is that I feel my body can consume enough nutrients and protein from poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables without having to consume a four-legged animal. 

The inhumane way the animals are treated to create these fur garments are beyond eye opening. Making a conscious decision to only purchase faux fur, the demand for real fur will eventually become obsolete.

Many luxury designer brands like Versace, Stella McCartney, Burberry and Tom Fordhave all decided to go fur-free!

Photographed in Mayfair, London in this glamorous Black Luxe Faux Fur Jacket, which is also available in various colours for only £69.99. Shop online at Public Desire for my look this season!

Shopping at your local high street store, then ZARA have two great Beige options. A Faux Fur Short Coat and a Faux Fur Coat with raised Collar both going for an affordable price of £95.99.

Thinking of investing in a luxury designer faux fur, then take a look at this Burberryshow stopper, a Rainbow Faux Fur Cape for £3,990 now that is one hell of a statement piece!

Vertical stripes, wide leg trousers and faux fur are very in this season, this Public Desire Striped Trouser and matching Bardot Top is a very sophisticated smart-casual look when paired with a flat shoe like these Carvela loafers. To switch it up for the evening, simply add an on-trend perspex heel and glamorous accessories.

Have fun selecting your Autumn/Winter 2018 wardrobe, think wisely about your choices and make great memories that will last a lifetime.


Photo Credit Jonni TM

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